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Adaptive Selling®


The top sales people we've studied have one consistent skill that differentiates them from the rest. It is their ability and willingness to adapt to adjust skillfully to the changing marketplace, to problems and confl icts, to the emerging customer, to different and diffi cult customers and situations.


Whether you are selling in a business-to-business environment or to a government customer, whether you are selling products, services or a custom solution, the challenge is the same: "sell the way your customer buys." Adaptive Selling® is based on skills, never scripts or games. Adaptive Selling® can leverage your investment in sales methodology training or stand alone as a proven sales system.


Adaptive Selling® Modules:

  • The Need to be Adaptive
  • Bridging the Gap between the Seller and the Buyer
  • Understanding your Customer's Style: Directors, Expanders, Balancers, Stabilizers and Improvers
  • Assessment Skills: Interpretation, Clarifying and Exploring
  • Adjustment Skills: Positioning, Influencing and Alignment
  • Advancing Skills: Linking, Negotiating and Closing
  • Supporting the Sale


Download the Adaptive Selling® Fact Sheet     


The Challenge


How do you sell to today's more demanding, conditional, sophisticated, educated and skeptical customer?


How do you "sell the way your customer buys?"


Do you know how to use the right approach for each customer and new sales situation?


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