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Adaptive Index™


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Adaptive Index™


The Adaptive Index™ measures the interrelationships between behavioral factors to determine how you tend to work. These behavioral patterns are the basis for your work style, the characteristics and traits you bring to the job. By understanding your style, you are better able to adapt to the style and communications needs of your peers, customers and teammates.


The Adaptive Index will help you:

  • Understand the way you work and communicate
  • Perform your job more skillfully
  • Develop a more versatile approach to working with others
  • Sharpen your interpersonal skills
  • Reduce job conflicts

Sample Reports:

Download PDF Sample AI Report for Sales (325K)
Download PDF Sample AI Report for Employee (396K)
Download PDF Sample AI Report for Leadership (391K)
Download PDF Sample AI Report for Customer Service (389K)
Download PDF Sample AI Report for Project Management (530K)








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