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Performance Development Survey™


We refer to the PDS as a 360º measurement tool since it gathers feedback from the people who work with the individual we are assessing. The 360º concept means that feedback is gathered "upwards, downwards and sideways". We ask the supervising manager, co-worker and direct reports to anonymously rate the individual's job performance in a wide range of job areas.


Participants receive both interpersonal and task scores. The interpersonal dimensions of the PDS measure decisiveness, logic, cooperation and responsiveness. The task dimensions of the PDS measure efficiency, innovation, reliability and quality.


The PDS can be customized to include additional measures such as leadership, teamwork, project management, sales and service to learn about performance in specific roles.


The Performance Development Survey™ will help:

  • Management and employees discover how they are perceived by the people that work with and for them
  • Reduce the "blind spots" that prevent us from seeing ourselves as others perceive us
  • Track an individual's development and improvement over time
  • Augment your current performance feedback system
  • Support the coaching and learning process

Sample Report:

 Download PDF Sample PDS/360 Survey Report (311K)








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