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Work Climate Inventory™


The Work Climate Inventory™ is a simple and efficient way to identify how well a team or department is functioning. It measures the attitudes and perceptions of members of a work team or organization as a whole.

It is a subjective tool that is designed to identify a team's collective view of four important measures of organizational performance. The results of this inventory provide you and your team with a clear picture of your strengths, concerns, problem areas and needs.

Although we ask for your name, position and email address, please note that all results are summarized and kept strictly anonymous. All personal information is used only to identify levels of participation.


The Work Climate Inventory™ measures:

  • Productivity - how successful the team is in producing the right results, the right way
  • Teamwork - how well the team is working together
  • Clarity - how well the team communicates and listens to each other
  • Morale - how motivated the team feels

Sample Report:
 Download PDF Sample WC Survey Report (183 K)








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